Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire: Episode VIII

The space flu was still going around, but Pash and Tendaar were feeling fine, so they went out to a bar in Ryloth to have a drink. Pash was scheming on how to corner the Glitterspice market, when a ship landed outside the bar, and a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor stepped out. The bounty hunter came into the bar and used one of his gadgets to knock out one of the patrons and drag him away to his ship.

Pash happened to notice that the unlucky victim had dropped a datapad into the dish tray before he was taken, and he surreptitiously grabbed it. They headed back to the ship to analyze the datapad, and came to the conclusion that its owner was some kind of surveyor who had been scouting various planets. The datapad contained coordinates for a location on Camino, with an indication that he had found something significant there, but no indication of what it was.

They decided to head to Camino and check it out, but not before purchasing some additional scanners with ground-penetrating radar and radiation detection. When they got to Camino, they found that the coordinates led to a spot of open ocean with no visible structures. However, their scanners were able to pick up a submerged structure about 2 fathoms below the surface.

Pash piloted the ship down into the water, and they made it down to the structure, despite attraction some attention from large aquatic mammals. They were able to fly into the facility through a large blaster hole, and quickly determined that it was some kind of laboratory that had been bombarded and destroyed from orbit.

They located a part of the facility that was sealed off by blast doors, and which, according to their scanners, still had air in it. Donning their rebreathers, they left the ship. Tendaar was able to find a crawlspace under the floor that led into the air bubble, and they were thus able to enter from below without flooding it.

Inside they found a lot of lab equipment, and tanks containing human figures in various stages of development, cluing them in to the fact that this had once been a cloning facility. Tendaar was able to activate one of the computer terminals using a portable generator they had brought with them, and found a motherlode of information. He had stumbled into the complete instructions for creating clones, which he downloaded to his datapad. He was also able to partially restore power to the parts of the facility that were not flooded.

Exploring onward, they came across some strange leechlike creatures that were feeding on a power conduit. The creatures started attacking them, so Pash and Tendaar retreated into the next room and closed the door. After waiting until the creatures gave up and returned to the power conduit, Tendaar was able to patch into the power grid and overload it, frying the creatures.

They pushed on to a lower part of the facility until their scanners started picking up humanoid lifeforms. The first one they came across was a Caminan who had clearly gone insane and was talking to a bioluminescent fish. He was coherent enough to tell them that he had been there for a very long time, and had once worked at the facility as a therapist for faulty clones. They decided to bring him back on their ship, but left him for now as they went to explore further.

Next they came to a room with several misshapen clones, who apparently had a taste for flesh, and shambled towards them. A few stun grenades and blaster shots took care of them, though. They then came to a study, where they found some rare cloning reagents, an antique blaster, and some private journals, all of which they took with them. They then collected the Caminan and returned to the ship. Once back at the ship, they blasted the facility in order to flood it and prevent anyone else from discovering the secrets of cloning.

The large aquatic mammals were now swarming around the ship, and Pash had to take some evasive maneuvers to escape, but they managed to resurface and head back to Ryloth. Tendarr studied the journals they had found, and discovered that the bounty hunter they had seen, Django Fett, was the original from which all the clone troopers had been made.

When they returned to Ryloth, Fett was waiting for them, and demanded they give him the datapad they had picked up in the bar. They happily complied, having already gotten plenty of use out of the information it contained, and were spared Fett’s wrath. They found a nice group home for the insane Caminan, and proceeded to work on Pash’s master plan of cornering the glitterspice market.

They were able to buy significant quantities of glitterspice on Bespin and Nal Hutta, ending up with something like 500 vials of it. They also bought a little on the Wheel, and Pash reconnected with this Imperial connection and was able to buy storm trooper IDs for the whole party, for future use. And finally, Tendaar treated himself to a shiny new cybernetic brain implant.


Great recap btw, Peter!

Edge of the Empire: Episode VIII
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