Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire: Episode IX

Business Man - No, Business Lizard

A sushi variant of Space Flu has spread to Tendaar, so with most of the crew retired to their quarters, Pash and Sssusss leave Ryloth with the intent to reconnect with Aris Shen, the young woman the crew helped escape Cloud City. After a brief conversation with the quarter master of the Wheel, where Reom keeps his office, Pash determines that the mysterious YT-1000 that was responsible for the placement of a tracking device on their ship has indeed been making routine weekly stop-ins at the Wheel, perhaps in an attempt to pickup their trail again.

While enjoying a beverage at the Twin Tails Tavern, Pash notices a disgruntled older human female approach them from behind with what may very likely be a blaster gripped in her pocket. Making his observation of her obvious, he allows her to change her direction to a seat beside him. Pash and Sssusss bring around an understanding of mutual business needs. Cratala informs them that Reom, who they originally turned her over to, has her on a very short leash, doing research on a water purification system that he intends to profit on by making trade with the Seylotts of Cholganna.

They then make contact with Aris Shen, asking if she has any work for them. She informs them of a smuggling job on Ord Mantell, transporting valuable artwork and plants native to Alderaan.

Sssusss does some research on the Holonet about Reom, and discovers that he has changed his name from one Kris, who has several bounties on his head. Using this information as leverage in a heated conversation with Reom, the PCs free Cratala from her contract for a pittance of 50,000 credits.

Returning to their ship, Pash and Sssusss notice a small droid scurrying away from their ship. The droid was apparently in the process of fitting a tracking device on their ship. Pash encourages the droid to go ahead and put the tracking device on their ship. After doing so, Sssusss wipes the droid’s memory of them interacting with it.

Pash and Sssusss then make for a band of asteroids, and hide behind one of the larger asteroids, laying in wait. Once the YT-1000 inevitably shows up, Pash and Sssusss are able to disable it with a few surprise volleys of concussion missiles. Pash then ruptures the haul, venting the ship.

Upon entering, they discover that the crew were essentially ship jackers. One piece of information however suggested that someone has a bounty on the PC’s old identity.

Pash and Sssusss recover the ship, and sell it on Ryloth. They then head to Ord Mantell. They make contact with the Rebels, the contact is named Captain Korigan, who informs them of a massive super weapon called the “Death Star”, the Emperor has recently released on Alderaan, utterly destroying it. Loading up their vessel, they break orbit, and are attacked by Imperial TIE Fighters, coming from a Star Destroyer.

After entering lightspeed, Pash and Sssusss notice some sort of loose white pollen floating about the cabin. Going to investigate, Sssusss sees some sort of short fuzzy brown thing just around the corner, walking away from him. Running up to it, and turning it around by the shoulders to face him, it says, “eech-eee-waamaa.” Confused, he calls back to Pash who comes to investigate. Pash doesn’t observe anything, and tells Sssusss to go lay down. Fearing they may be compromised by some sort of drug, Pash heads to the medical bay, where upon opening the door, he immediately slams it shut, as apparently that part of the ship is missing. Realizing he must be hallucinating, Pash closes his eyes, and finds his way by touch into the medical bay, where one of the astromechs sticks him with a counteracting drug that reduces the effects. Feeling a bit better, Pash makes his way to the cockpit, only observing baby Taun Tauns on his way, skittering across the floorboards.

After discovering that one of the stasis boxes containing the hallucination producing Alderaanian plants had bumped open during the skirmish with the TIE Fighters, they made their delivery to the coordinates provided by Captain Korigan – an uncharted ice planet.

The PCs then returned to Ryloth.

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