Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire: Episode I

The kickoff session that started it all in a galaxy far far away...

It begins in a cantina. Four adventurers, Pash (Ahmad), Corvin (Eric), Tendar (Peter), and Zara (Laura), burst through the door, and choose various booths or hiding places from which to take aim on their pursuers. Teemo the Hutt’s Gamorean gangsters are after them, after they attempted to steal some information for a less than forthcoming shared contact; an Ithorian named Cheiko.

The PCs successfully neutralize the Gamoreans, and then with their eyes on a close by YT-1300 light freighter, locate the only known hypermatter reactor ignitor in the village and purchase it, as the light freighter has fried its own. After a run in with six Imperial Stormtroopers, the PCs manage to sneak onto the YT-1300 via the top hatch, kick the droid sentries posted on the ramp off and close it behind them, and neautralize the ship’s original owner; a Trandoshan slaver named Trex. They boot him off the ramp as well at 20 feet.

Making it successfully into space, Corvin hails his contact to find work. the PCs are put in contact with Reom, a Twi’lek, and the president of IsoTech, who resides and does business on the Wheel, located in the Mid Rim region.


Remo speaks of an old Trade Federation treasury ship that crashed on Cholganna 20 years ago. He expresses interest only in the rare biological technology that can be found on the ship, explaining that the PCs can keep any treasure they may find as a reward, as long as they give him the tech. He also insists that they not open any of the crates containing this technology.

The PCs make it to Cholganna, locate the two halves of the treasury ship, land in a patch of jungle they cleared out with the ship’s guns, and immediately run into cybernetically enhanced Nexu – three of them.


THE PCs manage to kill the Nexu, and harvest the tech off of one of them. Using this tech inline with the ship’s computer, Tendar pings the signal, and finds the approximate location of its source. The PCs fly their ship there, clearing a new landing area with the ship’s guns, and ma contact. Pash goes in alone to speak with their leader, and after making offers to move them off world, or bring supplies, is briskly ushered out of their camp.

The PCs fly back to their original landing area to take rest for the night.

(More fleshing out to do, but the basic outline is there ^ )


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