Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire:Episode VII

Tenadar and Corvin were sick with space flu. Pash and Sssusss decided to go to (name of station) to get the Winter Pendulum refueled.

There at a bar named the Twin Tails, they met a Falleen named Gus who had a business deal for them. He claimed there was a derelict ship somewhere filled with ancient treasures. He didn’t know the coordinates for it, but claimed a dancer at the club had that information but he wasn’t able to get it out of her. He’d pay us 20,000 credits for the coordinates if they led him to the ship. He wanted either the coordinates or the dancer taken to his ship that night.

Gus left and Sssusss and Pash went over to where the Togruta dancer, Lyric, was dancing. Pash gave her a big tip and asked her to sit with them after her shift was over. She came to them after dressing out of her dancer clothes and sat down for a few drinks. She actually was the one who brought up Gus’ name. She said he’d been bothering her for quite some time and she got a creepy feeling from him. He kept asking about this ship and its location. She claimed that she had no idea at all what he was talking about. She did say in passing that she had this weird tattoo which she’d had since childhood.

Pash and Sssusss quickly convinced Lyric that she was in danger from Gus and he had malign intentions towards her. They told her that she wasn’t safe anymore at (name of the station) and they’d be glad to take her somewhere else to be safe. She agreed and decided to meet them back at the Winter Pendulum with her things in an hour.

Pash and Sssuss went back to Gus and tried to convince him that Lyric had no idea about the ship and in addition Sssusss had heard of an old undisturbed archive in Coruscant that might have more clues for him. They left thinking that Gus had bought their story.

Lyric met them at the ship and they quickly took off towards a part of empty space. Pash and Sssusss talked Lyric into showing them her weird tattoo. They took pictures of it and went to the library computer to check out if it looked like anything. They couldn’t find a match even though it looked familiar to Sssuss from his studies of history.

They decided to go to Ryloth, and check out their more extensive libraries. There they found a match for the tattoo in a system with 2 stars orbiting a black hole.

They jumped for that system and found an ancient battleship when they came out of hyperspace. The instruments were all going crazy because of the radiation from the black hole, but they were able to ascertain that the ship had only minimal power and no life signs.

Pash clumsily piloted the Winter Pendulum into the docking bay of the battleship taking a small amount of damage because of the harsh gravity currents from the black hole. There was breathable atmosphere in the ship.

They got out and were immediately confronted by two antiquated security droids. Sssusss was able to convince them he had the right pass phrases to get by and they powered down their weapons. The three of them headed for the Bridge where Sssusss got the computers up and running. A trip to Main Engineering restored power to the ship. Reviewing the ships logs, it looked like the escape pods had been jettisoned at Tython with most of the crew.

They got a cargo manifest that seemed to be in code. When they went to the cargo bays, they were full of bunches and bunches of crates. Lyric said that she had the weirdest feeling that she’d been there before though she knew that she’d never been aboard any ship like this.

They spent the next couple of days opening the crates and making a proper inventory. Some of the crates had largely worthless items like pottery. Others had data crystals and holocrons. One had a cloak and an old lightsaber and a holocron. Pash and Sssusss couldn’t get that holocron to work, but when we gave it to Lyric on a hunch it started glowing..

Then, she started glowing and the cloak and lighsaber jumped into her hands. She declared that she was Lyricandra Vigil, an ancient Je’daii. She even pronounced the word “Jedi” differently. It was then that the Winter Pendulum’s proximity alarms went off. There was another ship in the system.

We went to a viewscreen and saw another ship on a direct heading for the black hole, caught in its mighty gravitational attraction. Escape pods jettisoned from the ship heading right for the docking bay on the battleship.

The three quickly ran to the docking bay where a dozen Weequay pirates, headed by Gus were running out of the ship. The pirates quickly destroyed the antique security droids. And the fight was on. Pash called for them to surrender, but they were determined to fight to the death. The fight went back and forth. Lyricandra somehow rolled one of the escape pods over a group of them. Finally all of the pirates were down and Gus stumbled out of the escape pod stunned and fell to the ground.

Lyricandra was all ready to execute Gus, but Pash stopped her. Pash told Gus that he could either join the pirates in oblivion or make a sweet deal with them and profit for both sides. Gus quickly agreed to the deal. Pash told him in a half-lie that they would have sought him out anyway to sell the ship and its contents to.

They flew back to (name of station) and went back to the bar where they originally started. Over some drinks a deal was made to sell the ship and its contents to Gus.

Then Pash tracked down Zara who just happened to be on Ryloth. They introduced Lyricandra to Zara who said she could get her in touch with people trying to reestablish the Jedi Order. As a final parting gift, Pash gave Lyricandra the Jewel of Yavin with the promise that the Jedi’s would owe them a favor.

Edit notes: I couldn’t remember the names of the planets and stuff. Will you fill that in, Jeff? This was a very long and complicated session. I’m sure there are things that I missed in the summary here. Cael and Jeff please feel free to fill in any blanks that I left about the session.

Edit notes (Jeffrey): I updated some of the names and locations, others I will add when I have access to my notes.


Fantastic work, Ahmad!

Edge of the Empire:Episode VII
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