Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire: Episode VI

Leaving Fondor in their newly outfitted YT-2400, the “Winter Pendulum,” they decide to take up the contract for the Rebellion; stealing the plans to the new TIE Fighter. Already outfitted with a ridiculous amount of firepower, and a speeder from Fondor, they arrive at Onderon. Landing deep in the woods, they take the speeder a little nearer to Whisper Base. Sssusss sneaks into an air vent on the opposite side of the base, and lays an explosive, to be triggered by his data pad. Regrouping with the others near the garage, the PCs trigger the explosion, and make their entry into the base. Stealthily sneaking to the central computer, they are easily able to obtain the plans. Getting out, however, becomes a bit more challenging. Storm Troopers pour down the halls in pursuite, as they attempt to run away. Making use of the speeder bikes in the garage, the PCs add distance, and after a bit of failed pursuit, make it back to their ship. The PCs are able to make contact with a Rebel group, and claim their reward credits.


GMStarkiller GMStarkiller

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