Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire: Episode V

Having escaped Cloud City, with Arin Shen and her assistant (Cael?/Name?), in tow, the adventurers made their way to a shipyard system called Fondor, where they outfitted a brand new YT-2400 with all the extras. While they were waiting for their ship to be assembled, Moradin Thorn, a blackmarket marketeer, provided them some work; escorting three landspeeders out of the city and into another, where they were to rendezvous with Moradin’s associate and drop off the unknown product being carried by the landspeeders. The PCs were successful, although a pack of pirates attempted to waylay them with a herd of Banthas as a diversion while they were making the long stretch of desert between cities. A quick skirmish commenced, with the PCs ending up ahead. Turning over the lead of the pirates to Moradin’s contact (the rest were slain or were able to escape), and then doing some quick slicing to remove a PC member’s face from the Imperial registry and replace it with the pirate’s, they made their way back to Moradin. Giving her the paratroop airspeeder that they apprehended from the pirates, they made for the as of yet unnamed YT-2400. They also negotiated the purchase of two astromech droids, as part of the ship purchase. Moradin Thorn now holds the PCs in her favor, as not only were they successful in their mission, but they also gave her the albeit rundown airspeeder as a token gift. While this was happening, Pash stayed in Fondor, where he may have done some business of his own.


GMStarkiller GMStarkiller

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