Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire: Episode II

Our PCs are back on their ship, parked in a self-made clearing on Cholganna.

The PCs are met by a young humanoid (Seylott), covered in short brown hair, and primitive clothing, who says his clan saw the sentients who fell from the sky (the Sa Nalaor, and its crew).

“We offered them food, and shelter, and at first things seemed good. Then another ship came, and we hid from them, as that is our way. The strange sentients however greeted the green skinned ones (later discover they are Rodians), and without our approval brought them into our village. When the smaller moon was in the sky, our strongest males were put in a magic trance. Then they walked, but as if not alive – straight into the green skinned ones big sky ship. Then the green skinned ones left in their sky ship, throwing fire from the sky that burned more than half our village. They left a strange violet colored dust that made us forget of this wrongdoing (hybrid of Avabush spice). It seemed good, and we were amazed by this magic. Soon, though, some of the elders realized it was no better than the root some of our clan take only during certain sacred ceremonies. One cannot take the root for long without causing more trouble in their lives, but we found that we could not stop eating the violet dust without taking on horrible pain, and sometimes death.”

Groton continues…

“But it got worse. Some of our elders, and all of our wounded or sick died within the next 8 moons. They started to show signs on their skin of some sort of insidious disease. We are now convinced the ship that crashed has poisoned our streams. We now bring water from the other side of the mountain, and only drink it after much ceremony, and sacrifice to the forces of Cholganna are made. This is how we have survived, but we are still few.
I am acting against the village councils wishes by speaking to you, but I must because I believe our strong are about to be harvested for the second time. We had no strong men for the last 20 years, but now the young have grown, and I see the same signs in the stars that were written of just before the first sky ship came. "

As he finishes his long tale, the clearing is thrown into shadow. A Firespray-class starship is directly above them, and leering out the open ramp are three Rodians with guns pointed at them. The PCs get back in their ship, taking Groton with them, take off, and start maliciously pummeling the Firespray. Pash’s creative piloting gives them the opportunity to destroy the Rodian’s ship without taking more than one haul damage themselves. The PCs then go into high orbit, and detect a large vessel, presumably a slave transport, about to enter Cholganna’s atmosphere. Taking matters into their own hands, they make contact with Groton’s village council, and devise a plan to neutralize the mind controlling substance, and lay in wait for the slaver ship to arrive. Tendar applies his medical knowledge to create an antidote for the Avabush mind-controlling hybrid, and also laces it with a bit of Booster Blue to give the village soldiers a +1 in their brawn. Recognizing that the primitive village may just have a chance if they can bring down the ship’s crew to the planet surface, Pash finds appropriate cover to give them the advantage once the slaver ship is about to land.

Catching the slavers with their shields down, the PCs miraculously bring the ship’s haul threshold down to half. They then utilize their ion missiles, in hopes of bringing the ship down without destroying it, or any slaves potentially locked inside. They succeed, and then lead an army of Seylott soldiers into battle against the slaver ship’s ground troops. Many Seylotts sacrifice their lives to win this victory, and it is not in vain; Inside they find 20 Wookie slaves, and are able to rally them to their cause after Tendar sees to their wounds from the crash. Pash decides to start looting the ship, starting with the captain’s quarters (the captain is currently alive, and the PCs presumably locked him in the same cell the Wookies were being held in), and finds clearance codes for all the planets that openly deal in the slave market (list forthcoming). These codes will allow the PCs to gain easy access to the top dealers in the slave market throughout the galaxy. Tendar runs a basic diagnosis of the ship’s systems, and based on his findings, the ship may be salvageable. Is is, or once was may be more appropriate, a Marauder-Class Assault Corvette. Most of its systems haven’t seen the right end of a hydrospanner in decades. If the PCs can manage to get this ship to a repair facility, and drop some serious credits on it, it may yet be of some use to them.



The PCs, Seylotts, and Wookies return to the Seylott village, where they are warmly welcomed by the council members, and tribe. The PCs contemplate arming the Wookies with the 20 blaster rifles they found in the wrecked slave ship, juicing the Seylott soldiers again, and taking out the Sa Nalaor’s remnant crew, but first, they must finish the feast being held by the Seylotts in the PCs honor.


The price I originally quoted for this vessel (if it were brand new) was actually completely incorrect; I was reading the stat block for the ship to the right of this one. I thought 8 million+ was a bit high…

Edge of the Empire: Episode II

What’s the actual price?

Edge of the Empire: Episode II

I didn’t ask the right questions. What’s the cost of fixing this ship up? How much less will the cost be if Tendar helps with the repair? The ship is quoted as having a cargo capacity of fighters. Can it hold and deploy our other ship?

Edge of the Empire: Episode II

3,000,000 credits brand new. To fix it up, that will depend on a number of factors, but I’ll have that ready by next time as I anticipate you guys wanting to do that. It may be able to store your existing ship in it, as it is a silhouette 5, and your current ship, the YT-1300, is silhouette 4, but I’m going to double check a few things first before saying absolutely.

Edge of the Empire: Episode II

Okay, that picture above ^ really doesn’t make it look like it would fit, but if it can apparently hold 12 fighters and 2 shuttles, then yes it could hold your YT-1300.

Edge of the Empire: Episode II
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