Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire: Episode IX
Business Man - No, Business Lizard

A sushi variant of Space Flu has spread to Tendaar, so with most of the crew retired to their quarters, Pash and Sssusss leave Ryloth with the intent to reconnect with Aris Shen, the young woman the crew helped escape Cloud City. After a brief conversation with the quarter master of the Wheel, where Reom keeps his office, Pash determines that the mysterious YT-1000 that was responsible for the placement of a tracking device on their ship has indeed been making routine weekly stop-ins at the Wheel, perhaps in an attempt to pickup their trail again.

While enjoying a beverage at the Twin Tails Tavern, Pash notices a disgruntled older human female approach them from behind with what may very likely be a blaster gripped in her pocket. Making his observation of her obvious, he allows her to change her direction to a seat beside him. Pash and Sssusss bring around an understanding of mutual business needs. Cratala informs them that Reom, who they originally turned her over to, has her on a very short leash, doing research on a water purification system that he intends to profit on by making trade with the Seylotts of Cholganna.

They then make contact with Aris Shen, asking if she has any work for them. She informs them of a smuggling job on Ord Mantell, transporting valuable artwork and plants native to Alderaan.

Sssusss does some research on the Holonet about Reom, and discovers that he has changed his name from one Kris, who has several bounties on his head. Using this information as leverage in a heated conversation with Reom, the PCs free Cratala from her contract for a pittance of 50,000 credits.

Returning to their ship, Pash and Sssusss notice a small droid scurrying away from their ship. The droid was apparently in the process of fitting a tracking device on their ship. Pash encourages the droid to go ahead and put the tracking device on their ship. After doing so, Sssusss wipes the droid’s memory of them interacting with it.

Pash and Sssusss then make for a band of asteroids, and hide behind one of the larger asteroids, laying in wait. Once the YT-1000 inevitably shows up, Pash and Sssusss are able to disable it with a few surprise volleys of concussion missiles. Pash then ruptures the haul, venting the ship.

Upon entering, they discover that the crew were essentially ship jackers. One piece of information however suggested that someone has a bounty on the PC’s old identity.

Pash and Sssusss recover the ship, and sell it on Ryloth. They then head to Ord Mantell. They make contact with the Rebels, the contact is named Captain Korigan, who informs them of a massive super weapon called the “Death Star”, the Emperor has recently released on Alderaan, utterly destroying it. Loading up their vessel, they break orbit, and are attacked by Imperial TIE Fighters, coming from a Star Destroyer.

After entering lightspeed, Pash and Sssusss notice some sort of loose white pollen floating about the cabin. Going to investigate, Sssusss sees some sort of short fuzzy brown thing just around the corner, walking away from him. Running up to it, and turning it around by the shoulders to face him, it says, “eech-eee-waamaa.” Confused, he calls back to Pash who comes to investigate. Pash doesn’t observe anything, and tells Sssusss to go lay down. Fearing they may be compromised by some sort of drug, Pash heads to the medical bay, where upon opening the door, he immediately slams it shut, as apparently that part of the ship is missing. Realizing he must be hallucinating, Pash closes his eyes, and finds his way by touch into the medical bay, where one of the astromechs sticks him with a counteracting drug that reduces the effects. Feeling a bit better, Pash makes his way to the cockpit, only observing baby Taun Tauns on his way, skittering across the floorboards.

After discovering that one of the stasis boxes containing the hallucination producing Alderaanian plants had bumped open during the skirmish with the TIE Fighters, they made their delivery to the coordinates provided by Captain Korigan – an uncharted ice planet.

The PCs then returned to Ryloth.

please comment with tidbits that I forgot/misremembered!

Edge of the Empire: Episode VIII

The space flu was still going around, but Pash and Tendaar were feeling fine, so they went out to a bar in Ryloth to have a drink. Pash was scheming on how to corner the Glitterspice market, when a ship landed outside the bar, and a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor stepped out. The bounty hunter came into the bar and used one of his gadgets to knock out one of the patrons and drag him away to his ship.

Pash happened to notice that the unlucky victim had dropped a datapad into the dish tray before he was taken, and he surreptitiously grabbed it. They headed back to the ship to analyze the datapad, and came to the conclusion that its owner was some kind of surveyor who had been scouting various planets. The datapad contained coordinates for a location on Camino, with an indication that he had found something significant there, but no indication of what it was.

They decided to head to Camino and check it out, but not before purchasing some additional scanners with ground-penetrating radar and radiation detection. When they got to Camino, they found that the coordinates led to a spot of open ocean with no visible structures. However, their scanners were able to pick up a submerged structure about 2 fathoms below the surface.

Pash piloted the ship down into the water, and they made it down to the structure, despite attraction some attention from large aquatic mammals. They were able to fly into the facility through a large blaster hole, and quickly determined that it was some kind of laboratory that had been bombarded and destroyed from orbit.

They located a part of the facility that was sealed off by blast doors, and which, according to their scanners, still had air in it. Donning their rebreathers, they left the ship. Tendaar was able to find a crawlspace under the floor that led into the air bubble, and they were thus able to enter from below without flooding it.

Inside they found a lot of lab equipment, and tanks containing human figures in various stages of development, cluing them in to the fact that this had once been a cloning facility. Tendaar was able to activate one of the computer terminals using a portable generator they had brought with them, and found a motherlode of information. He had stumbled into the complete instructions for creating clones, which he downloaded to his datapad. He was also able to partially restore power to the parts of the facility that were not flooded.

Exploring onward, they came across some strange leechlike creatures that were feeding on a power conduit. The creatures started attacking them, so Pash and Tendaar retreated into the next room and closed the door. After waiting until the creatures gave up and returned to the power conduit, Tendaar was able to patch into the power grid and overload it, frying the creatures.

They pushed on to a lower part of the facility until their scanners started picking up humanoid lifeforms. The first one they came across was a Caminan who had clearly gone insane and was talking to a bioluminescent fish. He was coherent enough to tell them that he had been there for a very long time, and had once worked at the facility as a therapist for faulty clones. They decided to bring him back on their ship, but left him for now as they went to explore further.

Next they came to a room with several misshapen clones, who apparently had a taste for flesh, and shambled towards them. A few stun grenades and blaster shots took care of them, though. They then came to a study, where they found some rare cloning reagents, an antique blaster, and some private journals, all of which they took with them. They then collected the Caminan and returned to the ship. Once back at the ship, they blasted the facility in order to flood it and prevent anyone else from discovering the secrets of cloning.

The large aquatic mammals were now swarming around the ship, and Pash had to take some evasive maneuvers to escape, but they managed to resurface and head back to Ryloth. Tendarr studied the journals they had found, and discovered that the bounty hunter they had seen, Django Fett, was the original from which all the clone troopers had been made.

When they returned to Ryloth, Fett was waiting for them, and demanded they give him the datapad they had picked up in the bar. They happily complied, having already gotten plenty of use out of the information it contained, and were spared Fett’s wrath. They found a nice group home for the insane Caminan, and proceeded to work on Pash’s master plan of cornering the glitterspice market.

They were able to buy significant quantities of glitterspice on Bespin and Nal Hutta, ending up with something like 500 vials of it. They also bought a little on the Wheel, and Pash reconnected with this Imperial connection and was able to buy storm trooper IDs for the whole party, for future use. And finally, Tendaar treated himself to a shiny new cybernetic brain implant.

Edge of the Empire:Episode VII

Tenadar and Corvin were sick with space flu. Pash and Sssusss decided to go to (name of station) to get the Winter Pendulum refueled.

There at a bar named the Twin Tails, they met a Falleen named Gus who had a business deal for them. He claimed there was a derelict ship somewhere filled with ancient treasures. He didn’t know the coordinates for it, but claimed a dancer at the club had that information but he wasn’t able to get it out of her. He’d pay us 20,000 credits for the coordinates if they led him to the ship. He wanted either the coordinates or the dancer taken to his ship that night.

Gus left and Sssusss and Pash went over to where the Togruta dancer, Lyric, was dancing. Pash gave her a big tip and asked her to sit with them after her shift was over. She came to them after dressing out of her dancer clothes and sat down for a few drinks. She actually was the one who brought up Gus’ name. She said he’d been bothering her for quite some time and she got a creepy feeling from him. He kept asking about this ship and its location. She claimed that she had no idea at all what he was talking about. She did say in passing that she had this weird tattoo which she’d had since childhood.

Pash and Sssusss quickly convinced Lyric that she was in danger from Gus and he had malign intentions towards her. They told her that she wasn’t safe anymore at (name of the station) and they’d be glad to take her somewhere else to be safe. She agreed and decided to meet them back at the Winter Pendulum with her things in an hour.

Pash and Sssuss went back to Gus and tried to convince him that Lyric had no idea about the ship and in addition Sssusss had heard of an old undisturbed archive in Coruscant that might have more clues for him. They left thinking that Gus had bought their story.

Lyric met them at the ship and they quickly took off towards a part of empty space. Pash and Sssusss talked Lyric into showing them her weird tattoo. They took pictures of it and went to the library computer to check out if it looked like anything. They couldn’t find a match even though it looked familiar to Sssuss from his studies of history.

They decided to go to Ryloth, and check out their more extensive libraries. There they found a match for the tattoo in a system with 2 stars orbiting a black hole.

They jumped for that system and found an ancient battleship when they came out of hyperspace. The instruments were all going crazy because of the radiation from the black hole, but they were able to ascertain that the ship had only minimal power and no life signs.

Pash clumsily piloted the Winter Pendulum into the docking bay of the battleship taking a small amount of damage because of the harsh gravity currents from the black hole. There was breathable atmosphere in the ship.

They got out and were immediately confronted by two antiquated security droids. Sssusss was able to convince them he had the right pass phrases to get by and they powered down their weapons. The three of them headed for the Bridge where Sssusss got the computers up and running. A trip to Main Engineering restored power to the ship. Reviewing the ships logs, it looked like the escape pods had been jettisoned at Tython with most of the crew.

They got a cargo manifest that seemed to be in code. When they went to the cargo bays, they were full of bunches and bunches of crates. Lyric said that she had the weirdest feeling that she’d been there before though she knew that she’d never been aboard any ship like this.

They spent the next couple of days opening the crates and making a proper inventory. Some of the crates had largely worthless items like pottery. Others had data crystals and holocrons. One had a cloak and an old lightsaber and a holocron. Pash and Sssusss couldn’t get that holocron to work, but when we gave it to Lyric on a hunch it started glowing..

Then, she started glowing and the cloak and lighsaber jumped into her hands. She declared that she was Lyricandra Vigil, an ancient Je’daii. She even pronounced the word “Jedi” differently. It was then that the Winter Pendulum’s proximity alarms went off. There was another ship in the system.

We went to a viewscreen and saw another ship on a direct heading for the black hole, caught in its mighty gravitational attraction. Escape pods jettisoned from the ship heading right for the docking bay on the battleship.

The three quickly ran to the docking bay where a dozen Weequay pirates, headed by Gus were running out of the ship. The pirates quickly destroyed the antique security droids. And the fight was on. Pash called for them to surrender, but they were determined to fight to the death. The fight went back and forth. Lyricandra somehow rolled one of the escape pods over a group of them. Finally all of the pirates were down and Gus stumbled out of the escape pod stunned and fell to the ground.

Lyricandra was all ready to execute Gus, but Pash stopped her. Pash told Gus that he could either join the pirates in oblivion or make a sweet deal with them and profit for both sides. Gus quickly agreed to the deal. Pash told him in a half-lie that they would have sought him out anyway to sell the ship and its contents to.

They flew back to (name of station) and went back to the bar where they originally started. Over some drinks a deal was made to sell the ship and its contents to Gus.

Then Pash tracked down Zara who just happened to be on Ryloth. They introduced Lyricandra to Zara who said she could get her in touch with people trying to reestablish the Jedi Order. As a final parting gift, Pash gave Lyricandra the Jewel of Yavin with the promise that the Jedi’s would owe them a favor.

Edit notes: I couldn’t remember the names of the planets and stuff. Will you fill that in, Jeff? This was a very long and complicated session. I’m sure there are things that I missed in the summary here. Cael and Jeff please feel free to fill in any blanks that I left about the session.

Edit notes (Jeffrey): I updated some of the names and locations, others I will add when I have access to my notes.

Edge of the Empire: Episode VI

Leaving Fondor in their newly outfitted YT-2400, the “Winter Pendulum,” they decide to take up the contract for the Rebellion; stealing the plans to the new TIE Fighter. Already outfitted with a ridiculous amount of firepower, and a speeder from Fondor, they arrive at Onderon. Landing deep in the woods, they take the speeder a little nearer to Whisper Base. Sssusss sneaks into an air vent on the opposite side of the base, and lays an explosive, to be triggered by his data pad. Regrouping with the others near the garage, the PCs trigger the explosion, and make their entry into the base. Stealthily sneaking to the central computer, they are easily able to obtain the plans. Getting out, however, becomes a bit more challenging. Storm Troopers pour down the halls in pursuite, as they attempt to run away. Making use of the speeder bikes in the garage, the PCs add distance, and after a bit of failed pursuit, make it back to their ship. The PCs are able to make contact with a Rebel group, and claim their reward credits.

Edge of the Empire: Episode V

Having escaped Cloud City, with Arin Shen and her assistant (Cael?/Name?), in tow, the adventurers made their way to a shipyard system called Fondor, where they outfitted a brand new YT-2400 with all the extras. While they were waiting for their ship to be assembled, Moradin Thorn, a blackmarket marketeer, provided them some work; escorting three landspeeders out of the city and into another, where they were to rendezvous with Moradin’s associate and drop off the unknown product being carried by the landspeeders. The PCs were successful, although a pack of pirates attempted to waylay them with a herd of Banthas as a diversion while they were making the long stretch of desert between cities. A quick skirmish commenced, with the PCs ending up ahead. Turning over the lead of the pirates to Moradin’s contact (the rest were slain or were able to escape), and then doing some quick slicing to remove a PC member’s face from the Imperial registry and replace it with the pirate’s, they made their way back to Moradin. Giving her the paratroop airspeeder that they apprehended from the pirates, they made for the as of yet unnamed YT-2400. They also negotiated the purchase of two astromech droids, as part of the ship purchase. Moradin Thorn now holds the PCs in her favor, as not only were they successful in their mission, but they also gave her the albeit rundown airspeeder as a token gift. While this was happening, Pash stayed in Fondor, where he may have done some business of his own.

Edge of the Empire: Episode IV

Where Corvin and Pash made a replica of the Jewel of Yavin, swapped it, aided in auctioning off the fake jewel, and then slicing into the bank to steal the proceeds from the auction.

This log will be fleshed out at some point. If anyone who was there wants to write as much as they know in the comments, I will add it to the log. Thanks!

Edge of the Empire: Episode III

Where Corvin, Pash, and Tendaar liberated the native Seylotts of Cholganna, made some promises of sending any help they can for their contaminated water situation, sold a Marauder-class Assault Corvette to the Rebellion, and received a job to steal the plans to a new TIE Fighter design from Whisper Base. They then escaped Cloud City with Arin Shen, and her assistant in tow.

This log will be fleshed out at some point. If anyone who was there wants to write as much as they know in the comments, I will add it to the log. Thanks!

Edge of the Empire: Episode II

Our PCs are back on their ship, parked in a self-made clearing on Cholganna.

The PCs are met by a young humanoid (Seylott), covered in short brown hair, and primitive clothing, who says his clan saw the sentients who fell from the sky (the Sa Nalaor, and its crew).

“We offered them food, and shelter, and at first things seemed good. Then another ship came, and we hid from them, as that is our way. The strange sentients however greeted the green skinned ones (later discover they are Rodians), and without our approval brought them into our village. When the smaller moon was in the sky, our strongest males were put in a magic trance. Then they walked, but as if not alive – straight into the green skinned ones big sky ship. Then the green skinned ones left in their sky ship, throwing fire from the sky that burned more than half our village. They left a strange violet colored dust that made us forget of this wrongdoing (hybrid of Avabush spice). It seemed good, and we were amazed by this magic. Soon, though, some of the elders realized it was no better than the root some of our clan take only during certain sacred ceremonies. One cannot take the root for long without causing more trouble in their lives, but we found that we could not stop eating the violet dust without taking on horrible pain, and sometimes death.”

Groton continues…

“But it got worse. Some of our elders, and all of our wounded or sick died within the next 8 moons. They started to show signs on their skin of some sort of insidious disease. We are now convinced the ship that crashed has poisoned our streams. We now bring water from the other side of the mountain, and only drink it after much ceremony, and sacrifice to the forces of Cholganna are made. This is how we have survived, but we are still few.
I am acting against the village councils wishes by speaking to you, but I must because I believe our strong are about to be harvested for the second time. We had no strong men for the last 20 years, but now the young have grown, and I see the same signs in the stars that were written of just before the first sky ship came. "

As he finishes his long tale, the clearing is thrown into shadow. A Firespray-class starship is directly above them, and leering out the open ramp are three Rodians with guns pointed at them. The PCs get back in their ship, taking Groton with them, take off, and start maliciously pummeling the Firespray. Pash’s creative piloting gives them the opportunity to destroy the Rodian’s ship without taking more than one haul damage themselves. The PCs then go into high orbit, and detect a large vessel, presumably a slave transport, about to enter Cholganna’s atmosphere. Taking matters into their own hands, they make contact with Groton’s village council, and devise a plan to neutralize the mind controlling substance, and lay in wait for the slaver ship to arrive. Tendar applies his medical knowledge to create an antidote for the Avabush mind-controlling hybrid, and also laces it with a bit of Booster Blue to give the village soldiers a +1 in their brawn. Recognizing that the primitive village may just have a chance if they can bring down the ship’s crew to the planet surface, Pash finds appropriate cover to give them the advantage once the slaver ship is about to land.

Catching the slavers with their shields down, the PCs miraculously bring the ship’s haul threshold down to half. They then utilize their ion missiles, in hopes of bringing the ship down without destroying it, or any slaves potentially locked inside. They succeed, and then lead an army of Seylott soldiers into battle against the slaver ship’s ground troops. Many Seylotts sacrifice their lives to win this victory, and it is not in vain; Inside they find 20 Wookie slaves, and are able to rally them to their cause after Tendar sees to their wounds from the crash. Pash decides to start looting the ship, starting with the captain’s quarters (the captain is currently alive, and the PCs presumably locked him in the same cell the Wookies were being held in), and finds clearance codes for all the planets that openly deal in the slave market (list forthcoming). These codes will allow the PCs to gain easy access to the top dealers in the slave market throughout the galaxy. Tendar runs a basic diagnosis of the ship’s systems, and based on his findings, the ship may be salvageable. Is is, or once was may be more appropriate, a Marauder-Class Assault Corvette. Most of its systems haven’t seen the right end of a hydrospanner in decades. If the PCs can manage to get this ship to a repair facility, and drop some serious credits on it, it may yet be of some use to them.



The PCs, Seylotts, and Wookies return to the Seylott village, where they are warmly welcomed by the council members, and tribe. The PCs contemplate arming the Wookies with the 20 blaster rifles they found in the wrecked slave ship, juicing the Seylott soldiers again, and taking out the Sa Nalaor’s remnant crew, but first, they must finish the feast being held by the Seylotts in the PCs honor.

Edge of the Empire: Episode I
The kickoff session that started it all in a galaxy far far away...

It begins in a cantina. Four adventurers, Pash (Ahmad), Corvin (Eric), Tendar (Peter), and Zara (Laura), burst through the door, and choose various booths or hiding places from which to take aim on their pursuers. Teemo the Hutt’s Gamorean gangsters are after them, after they attempted to steal some information for a less than forthcoming shared contact; an Ithorian named Cheiko.

The PCs successfully neutralize the Gamoreans, and then with their eyes on a close by YT-1300 light freighter, locate the only known hypermatter reactor ignitor in the village and purchase it, as the light freighter has fried its own. After a run in with six Imperial Stormtroopers, the PCs manage to sneak onto the YT-1300 via the top hatch, kick the droid sentries posted on the ramp off and close it behind them, and neautralize the ship’s original owner; a Trandoshan slaver named Trex. They boot him off the ramp as well at 20 feet.

Making it successfully into space, Corvin hails his contact to find work. the PCs are put in contact with Reom, a Twi’lek, and the president of IsoTech, who resides and does business on the Wheel, located in the Mid Rim region.


Remo speaks of an old Trade Federation treasury ship that crashed on Cholganna 20 years ago. He expresses interest only in the rare biological technology that can be found on the ship, explaining that the PCs can keep any treasure they may find as a reward, as long as they give him the tech. He also insists that they not open any of the crates containing this technology.

The PCs make it to Cholganna, locate the two halves of the treasury ship, land in a patch of jungle they cleared out with the ship’s guns, and immediately run into cybernetically enhanced Nexu – three of them.


THE PCs manage to kill the Nexu, and harvest the tech off of one of them. Using this tech inline with the ship’s computer, Tendar pings the signal, and finds the approximate location of its source. The PCs fly their ship there, clearing a new landing area with the ship’s guns, and ma contact. Pash goes in alone to speak with their leader, and after making offers to move them off world, or bring supplies, is briskly ushered out of their camp.

The PCs fly back to their original landing area to take rest for the night.

(More fleshing out to do, but the basic outline is there ^ )


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